Hygeeni Disposal Bags (50 bags per pack)


Hygeeni Disposal Bags – 50 bags per pack


The latest extra large personal medical, sanitary and nappy bag disposal system has arrived. HyGeeni Bags are a multi-purpose, sustainably sourced, sealable, opaque and are the ultimate?extra large sanitary disposal bag designed for Maternity and night pads, nappies/diapers, incontinence pads, sheaths, ostomy bags, catheters and other personal sanitary items that need to be sealed away hygienically before disposal.

Hygeeni Bags are also perfect for medical kits, and tour groups/providers in remote areas, where you must carry waste on you until you can find a place to dispose of it responsibly. The completely opaque, sealable, leak free and odour free bags are the perfect solution to lock in waste and smells until you can dispose of it.

Each bag is 22cms x 17cms.

Additional Info
Additional Info
Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 16 × 1 × 10 cm

1, 4, 10, 35


Hygeeni packs come in lots of 50 bags. Our packs include single packs, 4 and 10 packs or in cartons of 34.

Why Hygeeni?

Disposal of products contaminated with bodily fluids can be uncomfortable. Often there are no bins, bins are full or inappropriate, or you simply need a way to temporality carry the disposed of item until you can dispose of it, in a hygenic and discreet way that locks in any odour. Hygeeni is perfect for this.

Why is Hygeeni Different?

Made from sugarcane waste, and recycled materials. Hygeeni sanitary disposal bags are easy to use, open with one hand, are larger than Fab Little bags for use with larger personal sanitary and medical items or nappies. They are strong, opaque for discretion, and seal firmly closed locking in odours and mess. They ensure hygienic disposal and packing is made using 100% recycled materials.

Simply Open > In > Seal & Bin.

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