Eco Bin

Eco-bin is the most cost effective solution for sanitary waste on the market.

The collection and removal of sanitary waste is a costly exercise, for businesses and the planet.

Eco Bin is an alternative to your current service provider is here through Eco-Friendly Hygiene Solutions. Eco-bin are revolutionising the disposal of sanitary waste and is the most eco-friendly & cost effective solution on the market.

Change is possible and the benefits are huge. Eco-Friendly Hygiene Solutions offers a sustainable alternative. We provide by far the most sensible solution to the collection and disposal of sanitary waste.

Save money, lower your carbon footprint and reduce plastic waste going to landfill.

We don’t require a contract from you, we discuss your needs and deliver your order by post, freight or courier. You receive a low cost, environmentally friendly, low carbon footprint alternative to a contracted service.

Environmental Management

Reducing excessive use of plastics

One of the most pervasive ecological problems facing our environment today is the usage and subsequent waste of plastics. Management of plastics entering landfill is best managed at the source, household waste.

For these reasons changes in government and company environmental policy, such as the bans on single use plastic bags, are filtering through. These changes are reignited the local and global paradigm shift from thoughtless plastic waste use in our homes, to families consciously looking to lessen their environmental impact.

Eco Bin Sanitary Disposal Units

We aim to minimise costs while providing an effective, eco-friendly method of capturing and removing sanitary waste.

Eco-Friendly Hygiene Solutions provide disposable sanitary bins across the globe. Eco Bin is made from specially designed strong material that is 100% biodegradable. The exterior has clear handling instruction, an internal chute for added hygiene and comprehensive Biomaster bactericide impregnated in the bin materials. Add on sachet’s of commercial strength sanitiser for extended usage and odour elimination for up to 3 months, are also available.

The Eco bin is changed when full, where a service plan is changed on a date. As each Eco bin will fill at a different rate, dependent on its location. The Eco Bin can hang on the wall on our custom-designed wall clip, eliminating the need to relocate the sanitary bin when washing the floor. And providing ease in disposal for the user.

Eco Bins provide a simple, low carbon footprint solution to the collection and disposal of sanitary waste.

Hygiene at work & home

Eco Bins are a consumable and therefore a simple, cost effective manageable solution to capturing personal waste at home and in the office.

Sanitary bins are ideally located in every toilet stall. This reduces the risk of toilet blockages and reduces the use of toilet paper when used to wrap sanitary items where there is no bin.

Nappy and sanitary disposal needs to be convenient for staff and customers, and also affordable for businesses, not for profits, clubs and schools. Failure to provide proper disposal systems for staff and clients can result in unpleasant work for cleaning staff and cause wider expense and disruption to plumbing services.

Eco Bin removes dirty surprises and eliminates foul smells while providing women with a sanitary solution in low traffic bathrooms and public places.

Environmental awareness and human climate impact are becoming more prevalent in society. Not just on tv and the news, people are becoming more conscious of the earth and want to make a difference. So how can the average family begin to make a difference? Where does one start? Choosing meaningful and easy-to-implement lifestyle changes will help. For this reason, household products such as Eco bin are seeing a rise in popularity as families look to make a personal positive impact on environmental sustainability and offices choose eco-friendly options over convieniece. 

Select from our range of Eco Bin Starter Packs
& Product Bundles

Our fab eco bin starter packs are perfect for small and medium sized businesses, boutique accomodation providers and home owners looking for a hygienic way to dispose of infrequently used sanitary waste. Simply dispose of the eco bin when full. The fab little bags provide a fully sealed hygienic disposal method for tampons and our eco bin clip firmly holds the bins close to the bathroom facilities. The Eco Bin system is completely clean, hygienic, easy to use, and one of the most cost effective way to dispose of sanitary waste. Our Multi-packs include multiple bins and subscriptions for higher cost savings. For more information contact our team via our contact form or contact our office.