E-Shine Natural Cleaner

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Eco Friendly Non Toxic Bathroom Cleaner E-Shine, available in 750ml or 5 litres.

E-Shine is a natural cleaner designed using a range of plant extracts. The product is very effective against soaps and body fats. The plant extract technology also targets algae and mould growth, cleaning the surfaces whilst also being absorbed into the grout, providing a preventative effect as the technology resists subsequent algae and mould build up. Available in 750 ml (ENV160260) or 5 L (ENV160261) sizes.




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Available in 750 ml (ENV160260) or 5 L (ENV160261) sizes.

Key Features:

» Pleasant fragrance

» Eco-safe & biodegradable

» Kills 99.99% bacteria to EN1276 and EN13697

» Naturally derived ingredients – non caustic

» Effective against soaps, body fats, algae & mould growth

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