Auto Towel Dispenser

$199.00 excl GST

The Auto Hand Towel Dispenser is a multi-fold folded towel dispenser designed to hold 450 individual paper towels for longer periods between servicing.

Suitable for a variety of washrooms and other environments needing a simple towel dispensing solution, the Multi-fold hand towel cabinet keeps towels dry and clean so a hygienic towel is dispensed every time.

The high impact quality ABS construction is durable, and easy to clean helping to maintain a professional and hygienic appearance. The slim-line dispenser has a key lockable option or push-button for easy access and refill. The dispensers has a hinged cover to assist with convenient and quick servicing, the front-view window makes it easy to identify if consumables are running low.

Installation options include easy screw or adhesive tape mounting.

Additional Info
Additional Info
Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 28 × 14 × 28.5 cm

The Auto-towel Touch-Free Paper Towel Dispenser is a controlled paper towel system which reduces cost, waste and the risk of cross-contamination.

The paper is protected inside the unit from droplets from external sneezing or coughing. The towel dispenser is activated by the users hand by sensor. No contact is required.

The Auto-towel is one of the most efficient hand hygiene systems in the world. With adjustable settings, you can customise the sheet length and mode of operation to your washroom environment. The high-capacity design reduces maintenance.

The Auto-towel has a unique stub roll delivery feature which allows a continuous feed from the partially finished roll to the new roll, avoiding wastage. The feature can save up to 20% on paper waste.

The perfect partner to the Auto-towel is the Wastecare Bin which sits directly below the Autotowel and saving space and reducing maintenance.

Paper options include: 2 ply white or blue, 3ply white or blue, maxi white or blue, 1 ply recycled white.


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