Airoma® Airfreshner Refills – Clean linen (12 x 270ml)

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Airfreshner Refills – Clean linen – 12 pack (12 x 270ml)

Keep your environment freshly fragranced all day, every day, with Airoma® Aerosol Fragrance Refills.

Airoma® Aerosol Fragrance Refills are designed for Airoma® Air Freshener and Sanitiser Dispensers. However, these versatile refills will fit in most commercial air freshener dispensers. Each 270ml can of Airoma® Spray contains 3000 metered doses of fragranced malodour neutraliser. The spray is effective in room sizes up to 6000f 3 / 200m 3 .

This range of high quality refills provides long lasting fragrances to suit all preferences. The 2 piece actuator on our Airoma® aerosol nozzle ensures that fragrance is dispersed widely to achieve optimum coverage.”

Available in a range of specially formulated fragrances:
Cool – A masculine fragrance with subtle notes of sandalwood and leather with a touch of citrus
Mystique – A perfume of rich oriental spices and woody notes, powerful yet feminine
Citrus Tingle – A delicate burst of citrus fruits with a hint of vanilla
Exotic Garden – A decadent bouquet of exotic flowers and herbs
Clean Linen – Modern fragrance of clean linen to revitalize your senses and environment
Aromatherapy – Unique fusion of cedar wood and jasmine with a glorious base of sandal wood, oak moss, amber and velvety musk
Apple Orchard – Rich and fruity fragrance that smells like summer
Citrus Mango – Fruity cocktail that combines a burst of citrus peel and juicy berries with a hint of lovely lime, and a punch of peach and mango musk.

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