Jumbo Roll Premium – 6 rolls x 300m

$59.50 excl GST

Premium Toilet Tissue – 8 rolls x 300m
Premium 2 PLY: Luxury perforated toilet tissue.

Rolls are tracked to prevent the plys from separating – no glue used to hold plys together. Ensure that customers and staff are provided with quality toilet tissue with our range of Jumboroll Toilet Tissues.

Our rolls hold 300m of premium toilet paper and are designed to fit Jumbo Reserve Roll Dispensers or Single Jumbo Dispensers.

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Premium 2 PLY: Luxury perforated toilet tissue.

All Jumboroll papers are soft, strong, absorbent, and unscented.

Key Features:

– 300m of toilet tissue per roll
– Soft
– Strong
– Absorbent
– Unscented
– FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified
– PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) Certified
– Economical Tightly wound on roll for maximum paper per roll
– Excellent for sites with high volumes of visitors


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