FLB Dispenser Refill Pack Max (200 bags)


1 x Fab Sanitary Bag Dispenser Refill Pack – Max (includes 200 units)

FabLittleBag bulked up for your dispenser! These great sanitary Bags are perfect for Tampon & Pad Disposal in your office and home. The Dispenser Refill pack contains 2 x 100 units sectioned into 20 bags for easy refilling of your Fab Dispenser. Pack includes a total of 200 FLB Sanitary Bags.

FabLittleBag Sanitary Bags are biodegradable, and partly made from plants and recycled materials. Designed perfectly for ease of use and hygienic disposal, completely opaque and seals closed.



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Avoid unpleasant toilet blockages with this 100% biodegradable, cost-effective, sanitary waste solution. Simply dispose of used your used tampon or pad in the FabLittleBag then seal easily & securely with one hand using the patented clever finger loops; especially useful if your other hand is busy. Fab Little Bag puts you in control of disposal, anytime, anywhere.

FLB’s mission is to decrease the pollution caused as a result of flushed sanitary products by providing an easy-to-use alternative when adequate sanitary waste disposal in unavailable. One FabLittleBag at a time!


EASY TO USE: Fab Little Bag comes with a 20 bag pack to dispose of your tampons and sanitary pads. Fab Little Bag is the only handy, hygienic, and discreet bag that lets you dispose with confidence, no matter where you are!
DISCREET: Fab Little Bag comes with non-transparent bags that open with a single hand. After use, the bags seal closed, enabling confident disposal every time. Quick and easy to use, and even easier to dispose. Confidence with every bag.
ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Environmentally conscious? FLB is for you! Made from 35% organic material, Fab Little Bag is biodegradable, too. Staying confident while saving the Earth – a win-win!
ENSURE SAFE DISPOSAL: With its easy to seal design, keep feminine products subtle in the trash after disposal. Forget about those awkward situations in the bathroom – with non-transparent bags, no one will see what you might have tossed! Easy to use and just as easy to dispose!
DON’T FLUSH: Keep feminine products out of the toilet. Fab Little Bag gives guests a way to dispose confidently. No need to flush; dispose of your tampons and pads with confidence!

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